Want To Be A Millionaire?

Why settle for $50, $100, or even $500 per day … or week … when you can grab enough money at one time to live comfortably for a year. Then, you can relax and spend some time grabbing even more money … money you don’t necessarily need – but – it will always come in handy when you want to buy something special for yourself or your loved ones.

You can be a millionaire in one-year or less … right in your own home town … from your home (or office) … in less than 5 hours per week … while you keep your current job or business (if you want to) … without any kind of email list or website.
Take It Easy.
Take It Easy.

Do You Want To Be A Millionaire?

There are more opportunities to make BIG MONEY; easily and fast, in your home town than there are on the Internet – and – making that money takes less time and far less aggravation, too. (Have you mastered HTML, Java scripting, RSS feeds, PHP, Website creation, Autoresponders, etc., yet?? – I’m still working on it myself.)
You really don’t have to learn all that computer stuff to be a millionaire in one-year or less.
All you need is email communication … cut & paste, save & find … and PDF files!
Which would make you more money…
A Tale :
(Note: Story has been written in the first narrative)
My BIG MONEY has always come from a few hundred known buyers and a few good deals each year.
I don’t have to “sell” them anything. I just tell them I have what they want and they buy it.
Right now, there are probably 50 to 100 known buyers just like them in your home town. And, I know where you can find another 200; or more, without any real effort. — You don’t have to “sell” them anything. Just tell them you have what they want and they will “buy” it from you – and – they usually won’t be buying just one of anything.
I had been doing this on my own for over 15 years when a friend of mine … doing much the same thing … suggested we pool our resources to increase our profits. – We did and our individual incomes skyrocketed. Some of the fees we earned would boggle your mind – but – we never told any outsiders what we were really doing.Later, other men and women who were doing much the same thing joined with us. — Our individual fortunes grew exponentially.With all of the “known buyers” my friend and I had, the other members of our group were forever amazed — but …

We never told anyone what we were doing or how we were doing it.

We took an oath never to tell anyone, but my friend is now retired and I ain’t getting any younger – so – with my friend’s permission, I am now revealing our long-held secret to the next generation of aggressive entrepreneurs.Being an incurable entrepreneur, I used my money to buy a bank, a gold mine, a printing company, a coal mine, a steel fabrication business and a number of other businesses … all the while writing, printing and selling my own information about doing business and making money.
Back then, in our group, each of us had “known buyers” for a wide variety of products and services. So, when one of us would come across a hot deal, we would simply share it with the others … then split the profits (sometimes to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars) when one of our “known buyers” bought.
As you can imagine, one of our biggest expenses back then was the cost of communicating with each other by Telephone, Telex and Overnight Delivery. — My communication costs regularly ran from $1,000 to $2,000 PER MONTH. — It was costly and it limited our group to only those who could afford it.
When FAX machines became available in the 1970s, our expenses dropped but the cost of a FAX machine back then still limited our group to those who could afford the machines – and – not all of us had FAX machines. — My first FAX machine cost $2,700. Today, you can buy a FAX machine that does even more than my first one did for less than $100.
Recently, another old friend of mine … a member or our group … telephoned me out-of-the-blue to see what I was up to these days.
We reminisced for about an hour about the good-old days, deals we had done, people we had known, money we had made, and airplanes we had owned. Then, he made a comment that got my juices flowing. — He said …
“If we had had email communication, cut & paste, save & find, and PDF files back then, we could have made ten times the money in half the time.”
When I suggested that we put the old group back together using Internet communication, he laughed. I had forgotten that most of our group were either retired or dead. (Sometimes I forget how old I am.)
For about a week after my conversation with my old friend, every time I thought about what he had said, my juices started flowing. — The more I thought about it the more I wanted to get my old group started-up again, so I contacted what few of them I could find.
You guessed it. — They loved the idea but were too happy being retired to get involved. — Some of them suggested their grand-kids would be better prospects – but – their grand-kids really didn’t have the necessary entrepreneurial spirit. — Then, one of them suggested …
“Why don’t you teach some young entrepreneurs to do what we used to do and put together a group for them.”
An absolutely brilliant idea – so – that’s what I have done – but …
When I began investigating the possibilities, I found a variety of “opportunities” that offered to “buy & sell” closeouts and liquidations for you. They even offered to…
Finance the Deals & Share the Profits with you.
After reading three of those plans, I was totally disappointed. They all told you “what” to do but they never really got around to telling you “HOW’ to do it. Beyond that, closeouts & liquidations are only the very small tip of the iceberg. — Besides, postings on some of the discussion boards indicated that the promoters never financed any deals and never sold anything to split the profits.
In other words, they told you what to look for and provided some form of “submission sheet” so you could send what you found to them. — One of them even demanded that you send a “sample” or your submission wouldn’t even be considered (after paying nearly $3,000 for the service).
As Colonel Potter on “M-A-S-H” used to say … “Horse Pucky.”

You Can Do It Yourself … Cheaper & Far More Profitably!

Why do you need anyone to finance your deals? — Members of my old group rarely, if ever, put any of our own money into any deals. Some of us (like me) did, simply because we could make more money financing our own deals – but – we only did it when we had gobs of money to play with.
Why do you need someone to “sell” the deals for you? — If you have “known buyers,” you never really have to “sell” anything. Just tell them you have what they want.
Why should you limit yourself to closeouts & liquidations? — Closeouts & Liquidations are only the tiny tip of the iceberg. Why not …
Used Equipment (of any kind), Boats, Yachts, Ships, Airplanes, Antiques, Classic Cars, Scrap Metals, Guns & Ammunition, Furs, Diamonds & other Precious Gems, Automotive & Aircraft Parts …
And the list goes on & on … from A to Z … from everyday items, to the most exotic.
Anyone can find the “sellers” of those items but only those with “known buyers” can make a profit. — When you know the buyers …

5 Methods:

5 Ways
5 Ways

  1. Go online. You can make your money actively or passively like web design or Ad-sense. An active online business requires prospecting, sales and follow-up. Ad-sense is passive because your only requirement is to put the proper codes on your website.

  2.  Start a business. It doesn’t matter what wealth book you consult, they all say that if you want to be a millionaire you have to own your own company. The easiest business to start is one that is online. This does not require a lot of upfront cash or loans such as a brick and motor business would. Most people start more than one business such as an online store, website design or a service. Another great idea is selling information. People pay for information and even if some of the information may be free, people don’t want to have to search for it and will pay to have it all in one place.

  3. Attend seminars on wealth creation. You would be surprised that some of those seminars actually come out with good advice such as buying foreclosures, tax liens and real estate. Seminars such as “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind,” “Play to Win” and “Breakthrough to Success” are great for budding millionaires. They all focus on how to make money, how you view money and skills you need to make money.

  4. Ask people for it. If you want a cheap way of becoming a millionaire, then convince 500 people to give you $1,000. This was a suggestion by a millionaire friend who actually made his money in Internet marketing. He did say that a business was the only way to make money. Asking people also applies to asking for the sale. You have to become excellent at closing. If you don’t call people to action, they will not take action.

  5. Sell coaching or tele-seminars. Believe it or not, people will pay for things that they believe have value. If you have a skill as a relationship or business expert, then you can create a coaching business that is all done by phone. One coach charges $520 for one 90-minute session of “Using Facebook for your Business.” If you want her full services, it will run you around $12,000. With free telephone bridge lines, a computer and some good content, you could realistically make $1 million dollars in a year. In this case, pricing is key as is your target audience. Most Internet marketers target people with disposable income that are looking to improve some area of their life, start a business or productivity tools.


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