Being Different : The Need Of The Hour

“I think being different,going against the grain of society is the greatest thing in the world.” Elijah Wood

But I think we all grew up being afraid of being different.

In this article I am going to show you how being different and keeping your individuality helps.I will tell you how to be different and enjoy success in your

  1. Careers

  2. Social Life and

  3. Attain Personal Satisfaction

Be Different
Be Different

Why do most of us fail to have a successful career? Why do we fail to realize the purpose of our existence in this world?These are questions to which many of us find an answer quite late in our careers and some of us keep searching. But the ones who find answers to these questions are the ones we call’


So, why do most of us fail while only a very few of us succeed? Were they gifted?YES! THEY WERE GIFTED! BUT EVEN YOU ARE! The problem is that you either don’t figure it out or else you are afraid of going against the traditional patterns which our society asks you to follow. They were gifted,but only to realize their gift.

GENIUSFollow their passion and discover their potential.

ORDINARY PEOPLEFollow the safety path by killing their dreams.

Some reasons why ordinary people behave the way they do:

  • You never give yourself time for self-introspection
  • You keep telling yourself that you are too busy
  • You think that you are not gifted and cannot be someone you dream to be
  • Everyone around you keep telling ,”Dream Big”.But none of them who tell this have actually achieved it.(This has a negative motivation impact of young minds)
  • You opt for the path others ask you to follow. And then keep consoling yourself by saying, “I will do this for the time being and once my career is secure I will follow my dreams.”(Well, to be honest that never happens and will never)

Now, enough of discussions about a Genius/Successful man and an Ordinary man,I am sure you would have read a lot about it.Lets see how just by being different from the rest you can push the graph of your life upward(steeply,even that could be an understatement!)Lets put our facts in numbers to understand better.Suppose there are 100 people competing in for a job. 95 people are going to give a standard(yeah,the standard is a lot higher than we think)interview.Great answers.The rest 5 people are the ones who do things differently, in fact creatively.For example, unlike everyone they prepare their own list of solutions to the problems the company is facing and put it forward in their interview.What just happens there?

  • You have outclassed all your counterparts(95%) who give just  amazing answers to the interviewer. You already have an edge.
  • Hence, you are already out of the rat-race. You are competing with only the remaining 5%. Doesn’t that increase your chances of winning?

Yes, the 95% must have worked a lot harder but in-order to win you need to do things creatively.You need to work smartly.Summing up, you need to be different.I think most of you must be getting a hang of this now. But, I want to show you how exactly being different helps you in the three spheres mentioned above.

Follow Your Passion.

1.      Career – Do you honestly think that in this world of cut-throats, you are going to get ahead by working your ass off? No! Everyone does that. In fact, in most companies, usually the people who do less, but more creatively rise. Ever wonder why it seems like your boss does nothing? Oooh.. touchy touchy. In a perfect world, you could theoretically rise to the top of the corporate structure by putting your head down work hard, blend in and let your work do all the talking. But this world is NOT perfect, and hard work will just get you, more hard work…. and, if you’re lucky, possibly a 2-5% raise per year. Work smarter, not harder. And learn to play the game…. which just so happens to be… never mind I’m not going there.

2.     Social LifeThis is my favorite. I can go on and on with this one. I will do that sometime later(a blog on winning friends and influencing people perhaps?). Here are some examples you can get a lot more out of people. For example: want a free upgrade on a car rental, ask the agent how they are doing today, and be willing to listen. Need a stronger drink at the bar? Try actually having a real conversation with the bartender. Want to get a meeting with an executive? Figure out how to create a spark for his assistant.  It might be uncomfortable, but next time you need to win someone over, strive to be, a little different.

The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it ” – Dale Carnegie                                                                                                                                          

Be Different.Influence People.

                                                          Be Different.Influence People.

Dale Carnegie was absolutely right! The idea he proposed was – be different. Because everyone will try to argue to win. But at the end of the day he will never be able to convince the other person by arguing.

         3.  Attain Personal Satisfaction – Well, when you see yourself more successful than all other people, wouldn’t you be proud of your achievement? Just by being a  little more smart than the others,a little more creative you would be the one people looking forward to. Wasn’t that just what you were craving for? Wouldn’t you be more than satisfied with your achievement?

Yup! All this is possible! All by just, ‘Being Different’…


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